Originating in Henderson, Nevada, Carrie Rad began her journey graduating high school a year early and made her way to Los Angeles, California at the age of 18. She always dreamt of living in sunny Southern California and was determined to make it happen.

Carrie enrolled at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Downtown Los Angeles where she studied Product Development. Feeling like a little fish in a big sea, Carrie worked ruthlessly in a wide variety of careers. She always knew she wanted to be an entrepreneur and was on the search to find what type of business she would create.

After endless jobs that never fully satisfied her, she decided to dive further into her creative roots and pursue a business with her Mother called, Wine & Art Parties. Starting this business from the ground up with her mom by her side, Carrie built the confidence to venture into another entrepreneur journey. Soon after, she began creating lifestyle videos in the online world in her spare time.

Now, a traveling, lifestyle blogger and video creator, with press mentions through CoverGirl, Top 100 Lifestyle YouTube Channels, and Seventeen Magazine, Carrie continues to travel the world, creating digital art that is most meaningful to her. Today, Carrie’s daily focus surrounds her immense passion for self-care, thirst for adventure and desire to empower.

This website and blog is a space to further share all that she experiences, loves, tastes and creates.