Looking Back, Pushing Forward

Let’s be real, this year has been a hard one. I can’t look back without thinking about all of our political unrest and heart wrenching tragedies. It’s important for us to remember, to reflect, and to keep pushing forward. There’s always light at the end of these battles and my goal is to keep hopeful and focus on ways to make progressive change and empower where I can.

This year has proven to be a year of personal growth for me. I’ve had a lot of epiphanies throughout the last year that have truly made life so much easier for me to navigate. I’ve had one realization in particular that truly opened my eyes and heart in the best way.


This realization, in a nutshell, is that I’m not my work. My work does not define who I am as a whole, individual human being. The money I make, the number of followers I have, the brands I work with; all of these things make no indent on who I am at my core. It’s so incredibly easy in this day and age to get lost in this useless comparison and pressure. The pressure that has haunted me in the past was less about comparison; I’m lucky enough that jealously and comparison is not in my nature. That being said, I do put a lot of pressure on myself individually and have had tendencies to value myself based on my performance in the work that I do.


In my mind, I envision myself as a separate entity to my work. This helps me a lot as I am a very visual person. I know who I am at the end of the day when I’m falling asleep. Of course, I don’t believe I have everything figured out. I’m still growing and learning new things about myself everyday. But at my core, the place in my heart that matters, that’s who I know. I’ve learned that this is what matters. When we are stripped away from our possessions, our labels, and our accomplishments; that’s who we truly are.

Because I have lifted this pressure from myself, I am no longer afraid. I’m not afraid of failure anymore. The most important thing I can do is work hard every day, make people around me happy, and continue to learn.


So here’s to 2018.

Here’s to looking back, pushing forward, and connecting to the core of what truly matters.