Skincare Shelf: 5 Products I am Loving


Can you believe February has almost come and gone?!

Crazy, I know. 

How has this year been for you guys so far? What's been going on?

Leave me a comment down below. ♥️

I thought it would be cool to cap off the month with the crème de la crème on my skincare shelf at the moment.

Here we go, five products I'm loving right now!

Fresh Seaberry Skin Nutrition Cleansing Oil


You guys know I don't mess around when it comes to oils.

Especially cleansing oils. They are vital to my skincare routine.

This baby melts my makeup right off, which I really appreciate at the end of a super long & busy day.

It removes any dirt and grime that builds up throughout the day, but leaves my skin feeling SO soft and hydrated afterwards. Hydration is a must-have during the winter months and this cleansing oil is a crucial step to fill my skin with moisture. 

I've had some issues in the past with cleansing oils stinging my eyes; there is definitely none of that harshness with this, thank goodness!

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Konjac sponge 


I think that konjac sponges are a really interesting and unique beauty item to have around.

Konjac sponges are a staple in my bathroom at the moment and I don't see them going anywhere anytime soon.

benefits of a konjac sponge:

  • unclogs pores!
  • helps remove dirt, oil, & blackheads!
  • gently exfoliates dry flakes!
  • makeup will go and look better on the skin! 

If I see them while out and about shopping, I usually always make sure to pick one up because they can be cheap (if purchased at the right place) and I like to swap out the one I'm using for a fresh one about once a month, so it's nice to always have some on hand.

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Fresh Black Tea Firming Overnight Mask


This stuff is no joke. 👊🏽

A little goes a long way, which is great because the price is a bit more than I'm used to. But, I'm happy to report - completely worth it. 

I find myself reaching towards this mask every single night. I just love how it gives my skin a little lift in just one night. 

I know that it's going to provide my skin SO much moisture by morning. 

If you're looking to invest in a great overnight mask, this ones for you. 

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Burt’s Bees Lemon butter cuticle cream


You will always find this little cuticle jar in my bedroom..

And my handbag. 👏🏽

I looove it, especially during the colder months.

I think it's easy to sometimes neglect little parts of our body and skin that also need love and attention, like our cuticles!

And there's just something so nice and soothing about applying a good cuticle cream, or even a heavenly scented hand cream. It's that little 'me' moment that is.. oh so very necessary. That rhymed. You're welcome.

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Athena's Erboristica Lozione Tonica Viso

all'olio di Argan e Alfaidrossiacidi dei fiori


During my recent trip to Italy, your girl was in need of some skin hydration.

We popped into a cute shop in Nola and picked up this little Italian life-saver. This is a no-alcohol toner, rich with argan oil and aloe vera! 

Let me tell you, the combination of argan and aloe is one to write home about, my friends. This product makes my skin feel like it's in perfect balance and harmony. It's magical.

oh, by the way!

I also picked up their Facial Cleansing Milk with argan oil and alfa hydroxy acid; I've never tried anything like it before and so far I'm also loooving it!

I'm seriously so happy that I discovered this skincare brand; if you guys are familiar with this Italian brand, I would love to know your thoughts below.

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That's a wrap on today's post, I hope you guys enjoyed it!

I'm wishing you so much love and joy <3