Top 5 Travel Beauty Hacks & Must-Haves


Hi loves!

If you saw my little announcement over on Facebook yesterday, then you'll know I am currently on my way to

I T A L Y.

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I'll also be posting all the behind the scenes moments on my Insta stories. 

I am over the moon excited for this trip because it's something that I have been dreaming up for YEARS. Get ready for lots of travel, adventure, and foood .. lots of food.  ✨ 

Today's post comes at a perfect time, being that I'm most likely still up in the air while you're reading this. Today we're talking about my top 5 travel beauty hacks & must haves!

ok, let's go!

 Travel size dry shampoo


A necessity. 👏🏽

A quick refresh with dry shampoo can do a lot for my hair and let's face it, my SOUL. A little oil clean up, volume, texture.. you name it. I have long locks so washing my hair every day takes way too much prep time in the morning. A dry shampoo gets my hair looking clean and fresh in seconds. 

Also, travel size everything. That way if you forget to check something into your main luggage, TSA won't horrifically throw away your fav toner.

And if you're road trippin' it; the smaller the products, the lighter you'll travel and the better you'll feel. I promise. 

Add a dryer sheet to your suitcase


No, seriously!

Even freshly laundered clothes tend to have a certain funky scent after a long flight.

If you place a couple of scented dryer sheets between your clothes you can avoid the stink.

Clothes will be nice and fresh when you get to your destination. ✨ 

Mini sunscreen


You gotta protect that skin!

And mini travel size sunscreen = safety when exploring outside.

When traveling, we want to be outside all of the time adventuring around our new destination. This means we have to protect our skin to avoid long-term damage. 

Remembering to apply sunscreen (even when you're not traveling) can be tricky sometimes. And if you're out and about exploring a new environment, skincare has gotta be simple. 

Having something small and compact that can easily fit into your carry-on or backpack is the way to go with sunscreen. 🌞 

Sheet masks (or any mask)


For the plane, or whenever!

Long flights = very dry skin. Also, doing a face mask is very relaxing and may help soothe travel anxiety. I just close my eyes and pretend I'm at a spa, it works! ♥️

My fav mask to do during a long flight is the GLAMGLOW thirsty mud mask!

You can check out this mask right here.

Silk Pillowcase


Yes, I know, a bit luxurious, but TONS of beauty benefits.

Silk pillow case beauty benefits:

  • helps skin retain more moisture!
  • prevents wrinkles!
  • reduces bed head and split ends!
  • hypoallergenic!

Also, bringing a little something (even if it's just a pillow case) from home can help you feel more at home while traveling. 

Hope you guys enjoyed this weeks travel post! Please leave a comment down below with any travel beauty hacks or must-haves that you know and love.

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Sending all the love. Ciao!